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Rated: PG
Category: SAR
Keywords: MSR, Character Death, AU
Spoilers: Vary in each fic

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Shalom Haver is Hebrew for 'goodbye friend,' and refers to Yitzchak Rabin, the former Prime Minister of Israel who was assassinated. It was a phrase used to express how deeply he would be missed and how people viewed him.
I chose it for my title because of how deeply I miss my mother, much like Israel misses Yitzchak Rabin.
This entire series is dedicated to my mom, and to everyone who's helped me deal with her death. Especially to Cathey, who sat on the phone with me for the entire day when she died, sitting there listening to me and comforting me..and I really don't know what I would have done without her being there for me to talk to.

I wrote the original Shalom Haver on May 10, 2001 -- 5 days after my mothers death. I wrote it because I was having trouble dealing with my emotions and I just generally dont feel comfortable talking to people about my feelings, and, as mcuh as I wanted to and needed to, I just couldn't do it. This fic was a result of that. I put my emotions into writing in this fic.
It was only supposed to be 3 parts. Shalom Haver, and then two more -- one from Mulder's POV and then another one to finish off the series.
Obviously, it didn't happen that way.
Whenever something brings up the memories, or I get an idea, another part of the Shalom Haver universe is created.
So the universe is still being developed, and as I finish little sections of it they're sent out, posted, and archived.
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