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Wish You Were Here

Rating: G
Category: SR
Keywords: MSR, Pre-Episode fic for Trust No1
Spoilers: Requiem, This is Not Happening, Nothing Important Happened Today and general seasons 8 and 9
Summary: I wish you were here.

You Are Not Alone

Rating: PG
Category: VAR
Keywords: MSR, Missing Scene, Songfic
Spoilers: Trust No1
Summary: "Another day has gone..."

The Quarry

Rating: PG
Category: SAR
Keywords: Alternate Ending for Trust No1, MSR
Spoilers: Trust No1
Summary: What if Mulder had gotten off the train?


Category: R
Keywords: Pre-Trust No1, Poem
Spoilers: General season 9
Summary: He waits.

Taking Action

Category: R
Keywords: MSR, Alternate Ending for Trust No1, Poem
Spoilers: Trust No1
Summary: He acts.