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Who am I?

Here's a little about myself:

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Scott took this picture this June (2002) the day after we put the color in my hair...sitting under a hair dryer for half an hour is NOT something I want to do again...It was supposed to be green but the green didn't exactly come out...oh well, it's good the way it is:)


About my fic and writing:
I started writing fic the summer of '99. My first 2 fics were based on dreams that I'd had. They really had nothing to do with The X-Files, but I'd been reading fic and wanted to see if I could write fic. Luckily, my friends were really supportive and probably lied to me saying how much they liked it even though they're crap. But I really appreciate it:) If they hadn't I probably wouldn't have continued writing, and this site wouldn't exist.
Most of my ideas come from either things that episodes left unanswered, random ideas/situations that they haven't done in eps (and probably never will), and conversations with different people and whatever ideas come up there.
My fics dont necessarily get written in order, from start to finish. A lot of the times I'll get a random scene that goes in the middle of the fic and write it out and see where the story takes me. It's incredible what fics I've ended up with from starting out with just one random scene!
I write fic because I enjoy it. I find it to be fun, and a good way to express what I wanted to happen or just vent my feelings and frustration or whatever. It really doesnt matter to me if people like my fics or even read them, but feedback is definitley is a nice bonus! :)

Please send all questions and comments to