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Fics I've written with someone else

Written With Cathey:

It Doesn't Matter

Rated: PG-13
Category: VAR
Kewords: MSR
Summary: Has he really screwed it all up?

Sock Puppets or Aliens?

Rated: PG-13
Category: XHR
Keywords: MSR, AU
Summary: Where do those socks really go?

Champagne Supernova

Rating: R
Category: S, R, H
Keywords: Pre-XF, AU, MSR, MT
Summary: "And maybe, youre gonna be the one that saves me. And after
all, youre my Wonderwall."

Half the World Away

Rating:  R
Category: SAR
Keywords: MSR, Pre-XF, AU
Summary: A young Mulder and Scully deal with the tragic events of September 11th.

Stand By Me

Rating: R for language and content
Category: SRA
Keywords: MSR, Pre X-Files, AU
Summary: So don't go away, say what you say.  But say that you'll stay
Forever and a the time of my life.
Note: Sequel to Champagne Supernova

Written with Someone Else:

The Vacation

Authors: Ro and Kayla
Rated: PG
Category: SRH
Keywords: MSR, Improv fic
Summary: Improv fic for XF_Fanficaholics

Memories On Ice

Authors: Ro and Paula
Rated: PG
Category: SR
Keywords: MSR, fluff
Summary: Some ice-skating and shared memories lead to a confession of sorts.

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