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In the order they were written...


Category: R
Keywords: Pre-Trust No1 Poem
Spoilers: General season 9
Summary: He waits.

Taking Action

Category: R
Keywords: MSR, Alternate Ending for Trust No1, Poem
Spoilers: Trust No1
Summary: He acts.

St. Patrick's Day

Category: H
Keywords: Poem
Spoilers: None
Summary: In response to a challenge on msrpreservationsociety

Valentine's Day

Category: R
Keywords: Poem
Spoilers: none
Summary: Written in response to the IWTB Valentine's Day challenge

Maybe Something More...

Category: Poem
Spoilers: Vienen

Take Comfort

Category: A
Keywords: Poem, Skinner POV
Spoilers: Nothing Important Happened Today 1 and 2


Category: A
Keywords: Poem
Spoilers: Tooms


Category: R
Keywords: Poem, post Tithonus, MSR
Spoilers: Tithonus

At Last

Category: R
Keywords: MSR, Poem
Spoilers: The Truth, William

The End

Category: R
Keywords: MSR, Poem
Spoilers: William, The Truth

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